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Deborah's preferred treatment modality is as a Biodynamic Cranial Osteopath.  "By palpating the head, lower back or

any part of the anatomy I can feel the rhythmic impulses, motion, tides, swelling/receding, potency and breathing -

inhalation and exhalation of the musculoskeletal system, bones, ligaments, fascia, organs etc.  These maintain a balance

and integrity of Health throughout the body.   I seek to find a balance point in the interface between the pattern

of disease or unease and the perfect Health."

"I am a bit like the conductor of an Orchestra, when something is out of tune, I help to fine tune it

(it is the “pauses” between the notes that create the symphony).   When I place my hands on a patient

I have a “living picture” of the patient’s anatomy in my mind, I can discern normal from abnormal -

or "out of tune" and I facilitate the patient to find their well being or perfect Health”.

As a Cranial Osteopath Deborah works with the Involuntary Motion which is an expression of physiology.   

"Motion is the essence of life - where there is motion there is a natural flow of Neutrality and Wholeness so I am

listening to motion/rhythm and watching the Breath, feeling the Tide which is part of our fluid dynamics and as this

flows into a therapeutic force which is part of a life force - it has shape and organisation and is part of the blueprint

(architectural matrix) of our human form.   It is all knowing and it works with a higher Wisdom/Intelligence and again

is part of facilitating the patient to find Health.   So in a way we multi-task in our treatments on many levels

and this is all synchronised within the treatment modality."

Deborah wanted to be an Osteopath from a young age as she was lucky enough to have experienced its potential and

holistic benefits.   “ I see Osteopathy as a total system of health care which looks at the whole person’s health.   

We listen to their life story - the way they choose to live, think, behave nourish themselves and

why they have come in for treatment and what their expectations are from having treatment”.

"I really enjoy working with Corporate women and Women’s health, mothers, babies and children and

I love working with the older generation and hearing their stories. I believe it is important to have a life and work

balance and I am constantly experimenting with this concept.   I am optimistic and full of life and love to laugh!   

I love walking on the beach and in the bush daily with my friends and animals.   Yoga is a very important part

of my life.  I appreciate good food and feel very blessed to live in Raglan by the sea."

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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Healing comes in many forms - it can be simply from a conversation where a person has been heard and has felt supported and safe and able to tell their story or express their fears and reservations.   Sometimes just being able to make an appointment helps people feel better.


Osteopathy is a form of hands on healing -

just to be touched can help the healing process.

I am trained in Cranial Osteopathy which is a sacred art of Healing -

its unique and holistic and its a very gentle form of touch.   

Healing is not always about getting rid of symptoms its about an individual’s wholeness

that we remember instinctively the moment we touch it - the treatment helps the patient recall and

reintegrate and to find their health and well being so I am a facilitator of healing.

For example a patient can be very unwell but my job is to remain aware of the “undiseased” Health in them and support it.   When I put my hands on a patient I begin by sensing the wholeness, the transcendent.   I acknowledge the unwellness, the lesions, the history, the story and I wait for the Health which will interface with the patient as they are in that moment.   

This is working with a force of life, natural laws, an understanding of anatomy and physiology and the matrix, embryology

and the formation of who we are.  I am listening with my hands to a story unfolding into the consciousness of each of us.

This will integrate on many levels and include balancing past hurts, traumas, compensating patterns as the

Health is acknowledged and helps my patients feel well again or “more fabulous” as I often tell them!

I help to create space in the body and to find peace and harmony and assist with reducing

pain patterns physically, emotionally, traumatically and spiritually.

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I have been going to Debs for Osteo treatments for about 8 years now, she has helped with my headaches and body aches, helping get my body back into alignment. She was also great with treatments when I was pregnant. When you find the perfect Osteo you stay with them, I wouldn't want anyone else to treat me and would totally recommend Debs. I don't understand how she does it but she has magic hands.



I have been a client of Debs Attard-Manché since 2010. I see her primarily to treat lower back and neck pain. Debs is compassionate, kind and skilled at helping me keep these strain injuries under control and I always come away with pain eased and movement increased.  I recommend Debs to anyone with similar injuries / problems and am confident she will provide assistance and relief.



"I have been seeking a healer for many years now. I am so thankful the Universe guided me to Deborah. She truly listened to my story and helped me accept and love my body as it is. I have scoliosis and lower back pain. After our session, I felt lighter and more balanced. It's interesting, she senses energy flow and opens up blocked pathways. I could feel my body expand. Thank you Debs." Shannon

I have been a client of Debs Attard-Manché, since around 2009.  I have a fused ankle which had to be reconstructed some 15 years after fusion. 

This fusion and subsequent reconstruction has caused a significant and ongoing change to the way I walk and increases pressure on other

joints e.g. hips and knees etc. 


The Cranial Osteopathy treatment provided by Debs greatly improves alignment, helps keep me mobile

and reduces pain. As well as being a ray of sunshine

on a cloudy day, Debs is a skilled practitioner. 

She is caring, empathetic and deeply intuitive.

I cannot commend her practice highly enough.



"Debs has worked with me to help me recover from a couple of falls. I love Deb's holistic approach and her wide knowledge of what it takes to be a healthy human being. Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle process that Debs uses expertly to bring people back into alignment and health. Debs is a great listener, always upbeat and encouraging and has a great sense of humour. These qualities all contribute to the energetic healing process which occurs between patient and practitioner." Steph


I instantly felt safe the first time I went to see Debs.

And totally spaced out! Which is exactly what I needed because, at the time, I was struggling with shoulder and lower back pain and felt highly strung and tired. Something happens when Debs works on my body. It's like my body releases old energy and makes room for new. I get a sense she does so much more than just Osteopathy. Her hands are healing, her experience is rich and she's tapped into a source of divine wisdom and love. I am grateful she is one of my wellness team members and trust her completely.


                                 Homeopath // Wellness Coach

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